Our Vision

altIRBE envisions a sustainable world both ecologically and economically. While many organizations focus on the environment and many others focus on economic progress, we maintain a just and sustainable world needs a holistic approach.

In a Resource-Based Economy, the resources of the Earth are considered the common heritage of all the world's people and our accumulated scientific knowledge is utilized to maximize efficiency and sustainability to create an abundance of these resources to satisfy human needs.


The Transition

  • altEducation
    The primary purpose of IRBE is providing the education and tools necessary to understand today's problems and live sustainably throughout the transition to a sustainable world.
  • altValues
    With a finite resources supply of resources on this planet, we must change our values and learn to co-operate to build a global society    based on sharing and meeting everyone's needs.
  • alt Love
    Love is contagious and love is abundant. Bringing more passion      and love into our lives will help      love grow exponentially into the      new world we are shaping together.


News & Events

October 15, 2013
Opening of our new Tool Library!
1803 Danforth Avenue (Basement)

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